Lanier Striped Bass Coalition Update

Lanier Striped Bass Coalition Update

The latest information on the LSBC

The LSBC will be holding our first meeting soon, our target date is Tues Nov 1st. The board of directors is still hashing out the meeting location.

We have the angler survey that the DNR/WRD requested up and running and it is located at  Angler Survey . It would be of great benefit to all striper anglers if as many people as possible start filling out the survey as possible.  A detailed location is NOT required, though you can fill that out of you desire.  Only Anthony Rabern of the DNR and myself have access to the data. You can use an alias instead of your real name if you wish, just use the same alias consistently.

Please do not use the LSBC store at this time, that is a work in progress.

We also have our facebook page up at  LSBC Facebook Page – if you use facebook please “like” us, even if you don’t plan on attending the meeting or joining the LSBC. There is strength in numbers!

Here are the officers of the coalition.

President:  Capt. Mike Madelena

Vice President: Capt. Clay Cunningham

Treasurer: Bryan Brueck

Secretary:Brett Wendel

Officer at Large: Larry Brenner

More information on the dues structure and meeting location will be forth coming shortly.  Thanks for your support!

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