WRD feedback on Angler Survey

WRD feedback on Lake Lanier Striped Bass Angler Survey

Spoke with Patrick (lake biologist) recently and he recently had a chance to download and do a quick review of the anger survey data.

He was IMPRESSED with it and it will be very, very helpful for him.
You know how we as Lanier Striper anglers complain about not having any creel or stocking studies performed on the Lake recently? Well, turns out the survey is providing all the data that a creel study would. Sometimes you don’t see something so obvious when you are too close to it.  The survey is going to provide the data that a full time creel clerk/study would for many years to come.  When combined with the data from the scales collected from the scale collection tournament, he will be able to figure out year class survial much better then EVER before.

As multiple years of suvery data is collected, trends such as effort required to catch fish, success ratio’s, etc – will be able to be generated.

KEEP FILLING OUT THOSE SURVEYS!!! It’s going to make a BIG difference in the amount of data WRD has to make management decisions.

The survey is located here – Lanier Angler Survey

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