Lake Lanier Striped Bass Scale Collection – WRD Report

Lake Lanier Striped Bass Scale Collection

WRD Report

The GA DNR/WRD recently provided the LSBC with a report on the effectiveness of the data collected during our spring “Striper Round UP” event. During the event Lake Lanier’s striped bass stakeholders collected scales from 55 stripers for WRD to analyze.  See below for the actual report.

WRD also recently commented on the effectiveness of the LSBC angler survey in providing additional data to WRD to help manage Lanier’s striped bass fishery.  More info on those comments can be found here – Lake Lanier Striped Bass Angler Survey Results.  To participate in the survey you can visit Lake Lanier Striper Survey.

Additionally, the LSBC lead fund raising efforts to purchase a 900 Gallon stocking tank for the state’s Richmond Hill Hatchery.  The LSBC is proud to report that the fund raising was successful and the tank is now on order.

The LSBC also publishes all the temperature / dissolved oxygen reports that WRD performs each year.

As you can see from reading the report, the data collection was a big success and WRD/DNR has asked us to expand the collection efforts.  The LSBC will be planning another event in late November 2012 to collect more striper scales.

For a full size copy of the WRD report in PDF format – click here

LSBC 2012 Scale Collection DNR Report - Page 1LSBC 2012 Scale Collection DNR Report_Page_2

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