2013 WRD State of the Lake Lanier Striper Fishery Report

2013 WRD State of Lake Laneir Striper Fishery reports!

The meetings have taken place and here is the LSBC review of them, along with a portion of the presentation that GA DNR/WRD gave.  .

The Lanier Striped Bass Coalition in conjunction with the GA DNR/WRD and the Lanier & Oakwood Striper Clubs met on two separate occasions to discuss the state of the Striper Fishery on Lake Lanier. There was approximately a total attendance of 120 between the two meetings. The GA DNR/WRD was represented by Patrick O’Rouke and Chris Looney from the GA DNR/WRD. They presented an overview of the states fish hatchery system and explained how the whole process worked. This part presentation will be available on the LSBC website, on it’s own page. The LSBC will be visiting the hatchery this spring and we include that portion of their presentation with our post on the hatchery.

The part of the presentation concerning the specifics of Lake Lanier was an overview of the history of stocking and the subsequent sampling as to the effectiveness of the same. The evidence suggested that there are many factors influencing the effectiveness of the stocking that are not directly related to the number of fish stocked. The stocking numbers for the spring 2013 have not yet been established at the time of the meeting. The GA DNR/WRD is currently considering the possibility of alternate methods of stocking that may improve the survival of the Striped Bass stocked in the lake; as that would appear to have the greatest influence on the number of mature fish vs. increases in stocking numbers alone.

The most impressive information provided by the presentation was the impact of the data provided by the LSBC. Due to the poor results recorded by the spring shocking and the fall gill net studies; the information provided by the spring scale tournament, the fall scale collection, and the online angler survey; gave invaluable information to the state. The efforts of our members and the general public in these LSBC sponsored events/programs have provided the state with information that they would not have the resources to collect otherwise.  They estimated that it would have cost over $50,000 to collect the information that the LSBC programs have provided. This part presentation will is available below.

The LSBC is still working with the GA DNR/WRD on their “wish list” for the coming year; and hope to soon have an outline for our goals for 2013. We want to thank and congratulate all the members of the LSBC for being instrumental in providing this data to the state. We have all helped to create one of the most unique and detailed monitoring of a fishery that exists in the state and beyond.

We will soon be announcing details of our 2013 Striper Round-up (April 27th) and soliciting for renewal of memberships and encouraging new members to join.

Here is the DNR presentation!

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