Oct 2014 WRD/DNR Update on Lanier Stripers!

Oct 2014 WRD/DNR Update on Lake Lanier Stripers

At the October 2014 Lake Lanier Striper Club   meeting Patrick and Chris from the Fisheries Department of The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resource Division presented data on the survivability of recent striper fry stockings, along with measures they are taking to increase the recruitment of the striper fry. Recruitment is the measurement of a year classes survival. We want high recruitment!!

In 2011 we had a very large stocking and as far as can be determined by electro-shocking, gill net surveys and angler surveys recruitment was high and we have many fish from this year class.  2012 was a poor year for striper “farming” and the state’s hatcheries had a difficult time producing striper fry, so Lanier stocking numbers were fairly low, but again recruitment seems to have been VERY high.  2013 was a typical stocking year and all indications are that once again recruitment was very good. Striped Bass Anglers report very good numbers of smaller fish which supports the data supplied by WRD.  Though too early to tell 2014 stock was in the normal 10 fish per acre range.

Two of the measures WRD is taking to improve recruitment are trolling potential stocking locations with a plankton net to determine which locations have the most food available for the newly stocked striper fry and putting 100 striper fry from each stocking location into holding net’s and checking on them in 24 hours.  This allows WRD staff to determine if we received an unhealthy batch of fish from the hatcheries or not.  If a “bad”  batch is discovered they can request additional fish to make up for “bad” batch.

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